We all know that the air cooler is mainly composed of three parts: tube bundle, ventilator, and frame, and the air cooler is an air cooler mould before it is produced. Today we talk about the arrangement of tube bundles of air coolers.

The tube bundle includes heat transfer tubes, tube boxes, side beams, and cross beams. It can be arranged in three basic forms: horizontal, vertical and inclined top (herringbone). Among them, the horizontal arrangement has a large heat transfer area, uniform air distribution, and good heat transfer effect; when the inclined ceiling arrangement, the fan is installed in the central space of the herringbone, which occupies a small area and has a compact structure. In order to offset the effect of the lower heat transfer coefficient on the airside, a tube with fins on the outer wall of the light tube is usually used.

Both air cooler mould and dustbin mould need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, and the tube bundle is also required, so be careful when cleaning.