The development of universal joints has been very good in recent years, so our understanding of universal joints has gradually increased. We also all know that universal joints are different due to different types and models. Among them, the universal joint cross is the first universal joint used in production practice, and it is also the most widely used universal joint.

The wear of the universal joint cross shaft journal and bearing should not exceed 0.02~0.13mm from the perspective of use and generally keep it at about 0.01mm. If it exceeds 0.13mm, vibration and noise of the drive shaft will occur. If the cross shaft journal wears out of the groove, the groove is very deep and should be repaired or replaced. If surfacing and inserting repairs are used, heat treatment and grinding are required. After processing, the out-of-roundness of each journal is required to be 0.01mm, and the taper can not be large (the length of 20mm can not be greater than 0.01mm). To check the verticality of two adjacent axes, be sure to be vertical. After processing and repair, the axis of each journal should be in the same plane.

Almost all bearings, including universal joints, require certain maintenance and regular maintenance. Many people will omit this step because of trouble and cause certain damage to the universal joint, but this step cannot be ignored. If it is troublesome, just try maintenance-free bearings .