Now more and more industries are inseparable from the air compressor, it is more and more into people's lives. The most commonly used air compressor in daily life is a micro-oil air compressor. The so-called micro-oil air compressor is an oil air compressor.

Since the air compressor uses compressor oil as the lubricating oil, the compressor oil forms an oil deposit along the entire exhaust passage with the compressor compression process. This deposit is called carbon deposit. It can spontaneously ignite under certain conditions, resulting in an explosion of the air compressor device. Explosions may occur in places where carbon deposits occur in cylinders, steam valve rooms, pipelines, coolers and gas storage tanks.

Therefore, the safe use of micro-oil air compressor should do a good job to prevent the air compressor from catching fire and exploding. To prevent the fire and explosion of the air compressor, the following points should be noted for the oil-lubricated air compressor:

First, choose the appropriate lubricant.

Second, avoid excessive lubrication.

Third, regularly clean the exhaust system;

Fourth, pay attention to the operation method of the compressor;

Fifth, strict maintenance and regular maintenance;

Sixth, adopt appropriate oil mist separation methods;

Seventh, using an aftercooler with excellent performance to air-cool the oil lubricated compressor is the most simple and easy method of fire and explosion prevention.