The determination of a label production process route and the determination of raw materials are related to the label application effect of customers. Timely follow-up and understanding of the application of labels and problems are of great importance to improving the process route and the overall quality of self-adhesive sticker, so it is necessary for material suppliers and printing factories to visit customers regularly.

The following points should be paid attention to in understanding the application of self-adhesive sticker:

1. The firmness and abrasion of the label ink layer;

2. Corrosion resistance, shrinkage and expansion of the label;

3. The working condition of the label on the labeling machine;

4. The weatherability of the label, whether the ink layer and blank space fade;

5. Whether the label has edge sticking and glue leakage around it;

6. Application of labels on printers or electronic scales.

According to the information, the reasons for the problems are analyzed first, and then the printing and processing technology of the stickerls can be further improved by modifying the production process route of the stickers or changing the types of materials.

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