The application of ergonomics in architecture and product design is becoming more and more common. Recliners, automatic tv lift, sitting desks, height-adjustable kitchen systems, medical carts, etc. are all considering this principle. These products are all over our daily lives. Life has become an essential product to improve the health of users.

More and more furniture is adjusted to be height-adjustable. This type of furniture uses a variety of customized lifting columns. The lifting columns can lift high-load items vertically. They run very smoothly and quietly, which can meet the needs of industrial, medical, and ergonomics. Learn the needs of the market.

  1. Use in reception facilities

Monitors and TV lifts are becoming more and more common in decoration. They can make living spaces look elegant and tidy, and can also ensure the safety of children and electrical appliances when the TV is not in use.

  1. Use in medical institutions

Adjustable carts, also called nursing carts or medical carts, can help hospital nurses take care of patients in a comfortable and safe environment. It can allow patients to move from the doctor's office to the ward more steadily and safely, and is widely used in the medical field.

  1. Use in the workplace or school

More and more companies and schools encourage the use of adjustable-height desks. They are good for keeping people healthy, reducing diabetes, heart disease, cancer and early mortality; they can also improve the work efficiency of users. It is beneficial to increase energy, improve mood, and relieve back pain. Users who alternate between sitting and standing positions will have more energy and can reduce the risk of injury from working in one body position for too long.

  1. Use at home

The electric lifting column can also be used in the design of the core area of ​​the family, and the embedded Electric Lifting Column can be conveniently applied to the storage unit or workbench.