With the rapid development of my country's economy, the demand for electronic energy meter from all walks of life is increasing, and the phenomenon of uneven electricity consumption at different times is also becoming more and more serious. In order to alleviate the increasingly acute contradiction between power supply and demand in my country, adjust the load curve, and improve the imbalance of power consumption, fully implement the peak, flat, and valley time-of-use electricity price system, "cut peaks and fill valleys", and improve the country's power consumption efficiency. Utilizing power resources, the power departments of some provinces and cities in China have begun to gradually introduce multi-rate electric energy meters to charge users' electricity consumption in time.

So far, our country has stepped into the ranks of regions that use a variety of electricity prices as an auxiliary management method and control electricity load.

The first-generation quartz clock-controlled time-sharing watt-hour meter was mainly produced in the early days. This kind of electric energy meter drives the peak and valley electromagnetic counters through wires connected to the quartz clock in various time periods, respectively, and displays the peak and valley power and the total power respectively. The peak and valley power is deducted from the total power to obtain the normal time power. Due to the poor reliability of this time-sharing meter. The timing segmentation accuracy is too low, it is susceptible to interference, time adjustment is also more troublesome, the use function is single, and it cannot meet some special requirements in time-sharing billing. It has been basically eliminated and disabled.

The second generation of time-sharing electric energy meter with mechatronics structure. This kind of electric energy meter adopts 1.0-level induction system electric energy meter core, adopts infrared photoelectric converter, pulse output and central processing unit, single-chip circuit, and uses the attached keyboard programming or infrared wireless keyboard to carry out various demand, clock, The setting of time period and weekend day can protect the display and storage of the large demand this month, the large demand last month, and the large demand of peak, flat and valley this month. With pulse output and RS-232 serial communication port, it is convenient for remote data transmission and monitoring. The performance of the instrument is more precise and reliable, and the function can meet the current time-sharing billing needs of our country. The production process is relatively mature and the price is competitive. It is a generation product that is currently widely used in China. But the fly in the ointment is that each manufacturer develops its own Electromechanical KWh Meter, which has the disadvantages of poor product compatibility and difficult maintenance.